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Dec 10, 2013 6:00am EST
, too. paul ryan and patti murray have been really good about keeping quiet on it. they're not commenting to reporters. >> the producers have put an actual story and words that go together that tell this story. >> i'm going to say that now. >> go for it. >> the movie is coming out soon, isn't it? >> anchorman. >> i'm channeling it. as i do everything. in washington news, congressional aides say a budget deal could come today. today. >> they better hurry. they've got in the nl next friday is when the house goes to recess. >> when they go into recess it could be a big bullish market. we need will ferrell to come and do this. >> he did it at some south dakota local station. >> is there a day you're going to be out? >> because we -- >> people have never seen the two of us in the same room. why, andrew? why do you want me out? >> i don't want you to be out. i want you to be sitting here. >> because if any of us is like him to get out, it would be me. >> i didn't say that. that's okay. >> patti murray and republican representative paul ryan are scheduled to meet today. they've been d
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am EST
. and we're going to talk a lot about it today, but did you see patti moistuurray and paul ryan the way i look at it, they're on the football field, they brought the can out, and you know those things they set it in when they go to kick off? they've got it sitting there. >> it's not lucy with her finger on the ball, is it? >> you don't know. it could come as early as next week if it doesn't get messed up. >> that is a great headline. >> they're clearly kicking it past the next election. any open government for two years where we're actually have a budget is like nirvana for us now. it's like the promise land, government open for two years, no promises, doing nothing with intiethsmentes, nothing with tax reform, nothing with -- just paying for some, you know, trying to lessi inen the effect sequestration. >> look at the different points on the board. at this point in the game, we'll take that, right? >> and then the other thing that i just wanted to mention in following up on our conversations is what's going on in china? my man. my man. for the democratic party, i'm with biden. did
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am EST
paul ryan. and i think chairman murray are really working together to try to stabilize the situation, come up with something. if we can get some long-term mandatory reforms in exchange for, you know, some sequester relief, maybe plus up some defense, i know people are highly concerned about readiness in our military. and you've got to do a little giving from that standpoint. you need some real structure reform to the long-term mandatory spending programs in order for that deal to work. >> it puts it out past the 2014 election. >> that's they're talking. let's hope nobody throws a poison pill in there. >> at this point, you're from wisconsin. i see wisconsin at best a middle of the road state. i think you kind of lean left. >> i'll call it a common sense state. the government ought to live within its means. >> really? >> i think so, yeah. >> but you do, i think of it as kind of a -- isn't madison, wisconsin? >> well, it has its pockets of interesting individuals, sure. >> but from what you can tell. from what you're hearing, how is '14 going to go? at this point, if obama care continu
Dec 3, 2013 6:00am EST
spending levels and replace sequester cuts for the next two years. congressman paul ryan and senator patti murray are said to be considering a plan that would give release . new revenue in fee increases is likely. that's where they've been talking back and forth, if you want to bring more money in, can you do it through fees by calling it other things other than taxes? that's something some republicans have said they can deal with. >> we'll see. >>> president obama wants to sell the american people on the relaunch of his troubled health care program today. he'll be starting speaking at 2:30 eastern time today. >>> let's check on the markets in anticipation of this. it wasn't too auspicious of a start yesterday. and again this morning, not so great, either. a lot of -- in the last two weeks, we have heard the word bubble like 100 times. so i don't know whether that initially just gets people to sell it off. it doesn't mean we're going down 5% or 10%, but at least it's starting with a little bit of trepidation. we have eight street weeks of gains, it probably wouldn't be surprising to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4